Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Card Candy. Mmmm.

No it is not candy you eat, but it is still eye catching!  "How did I get so much of this card candy?" you ask.  I joined a swap!  "What is a swap?" you ask.  It is an organized group of people, who all make a certain amount of somethings, send it to one person who separates all the somethings out and mail back an assortments of somethings for you.  Do you get it now?  Well whether you did or did not, here is what I got!
I signed up, along with 12 other people, which meant that whatever I made, I had to make 13 of the same exact thing.  It was card candy, so we were told to make 6 items that could be peeled off the backing and attached to any birthday card design.  13 sets of 6 items. Yes, that did take me a long time!  I know, it is amazing that I can read your mind!

My package with my 13 sets of 6 items, all different on the return, came back to me on Saturday.  Perfect!  I had to make a birthday card for my sister-in-law!  Now the decision was hard.  Which card candy should I use first.  I went though them all over and over until finally I chose.  
Tada!  Here is the card I made:

All I did was cut a base for the card, add a strip of early expresso brown and then I used some of the card candy pieces.  Easiest card I have ever made!  

My THANKS goes out to Tracey Roy, fellow Mainer and Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, who actually MADE these Card Candy pieces.  It was a pleasure using your work.
To see more of Tracey's work, visit her blog at

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  1. I love the picture with all the card candy spread out!!! So glad you liked and used my card candy.